Study Materials

Due to the vast syllabus of A/L I.C.T. it is highly recommended to use study materials from various sources. Following are some of the content that can be used to improve your knowledge.

In Our A/L ICT Class we use more resources than the following listed. However, we thought of sharing some with the students & teachers as listed below.

Tutorial/Lesson Download Link
Logic Gates Model & Past Questions Download
OSI Model Tute Download
New Trends & Future Directions Download
OSI Model Presentation Download
Data Communication And Networking Download
E-Business Download
Operating Systems Download
Data Flow Diagrams Download
Activity Diagrams Download
HTML 5 Reference Download
HTML Cheat Sheet Download
CSS3 Cheat Sheet Download
Python-Loops&Lists Download
Python-Comments Download
Python-Strings Download
Python-Conditions/While/Random Download
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