A/L ICT Syllabus

A/L I.C.T. Syllabus Changes

  • There are four main milestones in the A/L I.C.T. Syllabus
  • First Release – for 2011 A/Ls
  • Second Release – upto 2015 A/Ls
  • Third Release – Revised version of second release upto 2018 A/Ls
  • Fourth Release – 2019 A/Ls and onwards
  • New Syllabus can be downloaded here

Syllabus at a Glance

Unit No. Of
1 Basic Concepts of I.C.T. 28
2 Introduction to Computer
(Evolution of Computers)
3 Data Representation
(Number Systems, 2s Complement,etc)
4 Fundamental of Digital Circuits
(Logic Circuits, Flip Flops, Adders,etc)
5 Computer Operating System
(OS Calculations,State Process Diagrams,etc)
6 Data Communication and Networking
(Network Calculations, Subnetting, Diagrams, etc)
7 System Analysis and Design
(Information Systems, Data Flow Diagrams,etc)
8 Database Management
(ER Diagrams, Normalization, Table Structures, SQL, etc)
9 Programming
(Python Coding, Algorithms, File Handling,etc)
10 Web Development
(HTML, CSS, PHP, Database Connectivity,etc)
11 Internet of Things
(Micro Controllers, Arduino, Sensors, Actuators, etc)
12 ICT in Business
(E-Business, E-Commerce, etc)
13 New Trends & Future Directions 12
14 Project (Not Mandatory) 30

Check against the Sources

The content of the syllabus is defined by the national institute of education, Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is required to follow the syllabuses and teachers guides uploaded to nie.lk website. Further it is important to check the content that you study against the content included in the syllabus.

A/L ICT Syllabuses &
Teachers Guide Download

Syllabus Download Link
A/L I.C.T. New Syllabus (2019 Exam onwards) Download
A/L I.C.T. Teachers Guide – Grade 12 Download
A/L I.C.T. Teachers Guide – Grade 13 Download

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