PUBG Mobile to Introduce 120fps Mode for Enhanced Gameplay Experience


Krafton has officially announced the upcoming addition of a 120fps mode to PUBG Mobile, promising smoother and faster gameplay. The highly anticipated feature is set to debut in the next update, version 3.2, enhancing the battle royale experience for players.

Until now, PUBG Mobile has offered a maximum frame rate of 90fps for improved gameplay fluidity. With the introduction of the 120fps mode, players can expect even greater responsiveness and performance.

While details regarding device compatibility have not been fully disclosed, it is anticipated that both Android and iOS users will have access to the new feature.

PUBG Mobile, which is also available as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), is poised to receive the 120fps mode in the near future. Krafton’s recent release of version 3.1 precedes the forthcoming update, hinting at significant improvements for players.

Although the 120fps mode is expected to excel on high-end and upper mid-range smartphones, users of entry-level devices may encounter limitations due to hardware requirements. Optimal performance at this frame rate demands substantial computational resources, particularly in terms of graphics processing power.

Beta testers have already begun experimenting with the 120fps mode, with warnings issued regarding potential heating and power consumption issues. Smartphone manufacturers are urged to optimize their devices to fully leverage this upcoming feature.

Owners of the latest Android flagships, equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or equivalent processors, can anticipate seamless performance at 120fps. Similarly, iPhones featuring a 120Hz display, including previous generation models like the iPhone 14 Pro series, are expected to support the new mode effortlessly.

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